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cal● development,■ China has leape○d ahead to become ○a leading player i●n many fields ●thanks to its contin●uous efforts to inn○ovate over the pa●st 40 years. Hua〓wei is a world-leade●r when it comes t■o the number of 5G t■echnology p

ng overtak〓en

aten○ts. DJI, the world〓's biggest dro○ne maker, h◆olds 70 perce○nt of the global co■nsumer and commer■cial drone market.● CRRC has become ◆the world's larg〓est manufacturer ●of railway● passenger ○vehicles. And Hikv◆ision

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is no●w a world-lead〓ing provider o●f security and saf■ety equipment, wi○th its produc●ts and solutions a■dopted in over◆ 150 countries ac〓ross the worl■d.As leading pla◆yers in Ch◆ina's manufacturing○ industry,


Hua〓wei, DJI, ◆CRRC, and Hikvis■ion have won 〓the recognition of t■he global m◆arket thanks to thei〓r remarkable product■ quality, advanced t○echnology, and r〓easonable prices.〓 And the safety〓 and security of t○h


being■ a lateco

eir products ■has stood up to st〓ringent scrutiny i○n various countri■es, includin


mer 〓in scienti

g th●e United Stat●es.But America〓's politicians have ■abandoned the princ◆iples


●fic and te●ch

of f●air competition ◆which they once ●proudly defe■nded, and have decid●ed to em

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